Sonata in words


[pp] I want to show you how it is,

Is not so dark, is not so dark.

[Cresc] There’s beauty still, hiding away,

Come with me and we’ll make it stay.

There’s no need to be so afraid,

For memories, memories fade.

Sit with me on this floor of sand,

Let me love you, and take my hand.

I want to show you how it is,

Is not so dark, is not so dark,

[Cresc] It’s all not tears and spilling blood,

And screams, and cries, and breaking plates.

There’s castles to be made in mud,

With stony walls and steely gates,

We’ll be the rulers of this land,

Oh let me love you, take my hand.

con dolcezza

[F] I want to show you how it is,

Is not so dark, is not so dark.

Wizards and bearded goblins old,

Witches on broomsticks out at night,

Plump kings in parlours counting gold,

Delicate fairies taking flight,

Gnomes under mushrooms holding forth,

On whose brown squirrel must be sold.

It’s not such a big ugly world,

So close your eyes and dream with me,

There’s wonders here that we could see,

[pp] Green rugged hills and mountains grand,

Oh let me love you, take my hand.

[p] I want to show you how it is,

Is not so dark, is not so dark.

We could be pirates, if we tried,

Seeking treasure from Mongol lords,

And find an island where we’d hide –

Among the glitter, silver hoards.

[ff]  Don’t be afraid, don’t be so scared,

Is not so dark, is not so dark,

For if you stopped a while and stared,

You’d see the tops of trees blowing,

Gushing streams of water flowing,

And sweet birds singing in the rain,

[pp] Singing amongst our bodies slain,

For where is the magic anymore,

As drops of blood flow from your wounds,

[dim] And tears have soaked this sandy floor.

Con Fuoco ma grazioso

[sempre p]We were made to waltz beneath stars,

Made to die under these flowers,

Never tied to tick- tocking hours,

To hunt in jungles far away,

Roam wild and free as mountain deer,

You and I, we’ll make magic stay,

Don’t be afraid, no need for fear,

With fearsome dragons we shall play.

So sit with me on blood soaked sand,

I love you, will you take my hand?

© 2019 The Count Gustaf

My dearest friends of written word,

Do leave me feedback in the comments.

I found I tend to say what I read, out loud in a voice in my head. This lead me to believe that I couldn’t be the only one, for I refuse to believe I am unique. I then realized that just as music has instructions to the player, I must too include instructions on how to read this piece, for it plays that way in my head. And I would not want you to mislead the voice in your head.

I would also ask you to forgive me for not writing for months, I had to visit an uncle in Motuo in Tibet. Do tell me what you thought of this little poem, and what the most disgusting food you’ve consumed is. 

Much love 🙂


69 thoughts on “Sonata in words

  1. It is good to visit uncles in Tibet.It would be so nice to visit other such relatives, at other places. I wonder if you know a few more?

    Many warm waiting kitchens you know..many hearts wondering if it may snow..may be the count will fly by? Old eyes old hands.. old stories.. old demands.

    About this music you write- I hear it , most certainly even under the sea, across the s audible in second notes of rhyme, and in time.

    Food- I have a love for it. Disgusting may have been a way to speak of the cook..who was sweating in the food. An indian dish of delicous gol-gappas…
    Still. Quite delicious. I go back every year for it.
    His leprosy is also now all better.

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  2. This is wonderful! I immediately loved the musical annotations and I agree, sometimes we DO need to guide the reader with the ‘how’s’ of a certain piece. Beautiful work.

    As for the most disgusting food, it’s a slight toss-up, but I would say tara’s Infamous Stew of ‘99 gets the blue ribbon for absolute most disgusting. (Moose tongue is gross too but I think that’s just because of the -thought- of what it is.) How about you??

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  3. HELLO HELLO HELLO I just headed over and read the new erotic piece you posted which left me with various uncomfortable sensations because I’m due to attend a dinner in half an hour.
    Thank you again, you’re always too kind! By the way, I wrote a few more chapters of Fish Boy and it looks like it’s a book soon!!! I shall have you a dedication when it’s done.
    As for this stew, enlighten me to what it consists off?
    I think the worst thing I’ve eaten would be my grand uncles toe as part of a ceremony of inheritance. I will not lie, garnished with pepper and chocolate, it was a delight 😉

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  4. I do know of an Aunt who lives in a forest, surrounded by little rocks. I wonder if she still remembers me, for it’s been a while.
    While in Tibet I ate a lot of spicy food, which too contained the sweat of the cooks. That’s the salty flavour I assume. HAHAHA

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  5. ohmygod Count… first **SQQUEEEEE!!!!** a fish boy book!!!!!!! I’m ready to buy it right now, cash in hand. I’m so excited that I literally sat up in bed! yes!!!! I so look forward to that. Don’t forget to tell me when I can buy it. I’m first in line.

    Secondly, the stew of ‘99 was inedible. I made it. I couldn’t eat it, my husband (at the time) couldn’t eat it, the neighbor’s dog refused to eat it, the chickens avoided it and refused to eat it and adding insult to injury, where I had dumped it out on the ground for the chickens…. plants did not grow there that spring. I kid you not. (I will say, I am a MUCH MUCH better cook now…. much.)

    Thirdly… a toe? Oh man… that’s… man… I’m not entirely sure I want to know the details… but I… kind of do….

    Fourthly, damn I’ve missed you. Yesterday I looked at your name in my list of people I follow with longing and a sigh. I’m serious. True Story.

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    I shall send you something close to the final draft to read and tell me what you think!!!
    This stew sounds awful what was in it. I didn;t know chickens could refuse to eat something AND I DIDN;T KNOW YOU HAD CHICKENS AT SOME POINT.
    And yes, it was his toe, it’s been some kind of tradition to boil some amount of flesh from the predecessor Count at a ceremony, and my uncle choice me to succeed him [Poor man died from lung cancer, smoked like a [fish? what;s the saying here?]] It wasn’t terrible and its only a ceremonial thing I just had to have a sip.

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  7. I would be more than willing to proofread or beta read your book for you. That’s what I do.

    Yeah, I didn’t know chickens would refuse anything either! It’s appalling to think. But I believe it was more the “way it was cooked” more than what was cooked. Let’s just leave it at: it wasn’t fit for consumption by fauna or flora 🤢

    I’m doing alright. I have been doing my normal boring tara life. I love it. Two weeks ago I got three feet of snow in a week’s time. So I was shoveling and walking out in it a lot. Because I love winter. Been writing some and reading some. …. and you were in Tibet!! Wow.

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  8. Tibet? That sounds so peaceful, think I would love it. As far as the toe is concerned, no way, ever, ever, ever! The most disgusting thing I ever ate was an oyster, still gives me chills thinking about it! Glad you are back oh worthy one : )

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  9. Your poem is superb Count – both the imagery and the words. Hallmark and their best valentine prose are simply left in the dust. 🙂 The ickiest thing I ever ate was octopus stew. I don’t mind to try new things (most things), and had I known it was octopus, I would have been open-minded and steeled myself for the taste. Instead, I was told it was a delicious spicy stew and a bowl of it was pushed in front of me. I actually enjoyed it, til a veggie moved and I saw a tentacle sucker – nope, that would not do. I was tricked! Maybe next time deal with the legs in a different manner and I might like it.

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  10. Dear Count, what a pleasure it is to see you again! You sure haven’t lost your magic touch 🙂 I really enjoyed waltzing my way down this most lovely poem… And I hope you treat us with more of your poetry in the near future 🙂

    As for the “most disgusting food” question… I wouldn’t say it was “tasting” that bad, but an ex-boyfriend of mine made me try durian, and I although I tried really hard, the smell of it just made it impossible to enjoy the fruit.

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  11. Winter is too cold, too cold, too cold!!!! Yes indeed, I’ll send it to you once done. Is your cooking generally that bad HAHAHA
    Tibet was cold, cold, cold! I didn’t bathe the entire time because I was scared I’d freeze. When I finally took my socks off there was weird stuff between my toes which tasted funny.

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  12. Hahahahaaa you should have had a sip. Although I think the thought of what was in the dish was more disgusting that it tasted!
    Why are Oysters disgusting?
    It was very peaceful, and really beautiful too, and I brought you a present!


  13. OH GOD THAT SOUNDS TERRIBLE WHO TRICKED YOU??? I didn’t know that tentacles moved after it was cooked that scares me ughhh.
    The most interesting thing happened though, after I began to write fish boy. I can no longer bear to eat seafood whih is STRANGE since I’ve always loved it so much!
    Thank you, you’re too kind and well, HAPPY VALENTINES to you too my dear linda.

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  14. Oh No I heard it tastes of garlic and caramel. I couldn’t get myself to eat it though, what does it taste off??
    You’re too kind C, don’t waltz alone, Waltz with me! I shall try to, what I tend to do though, is create these sketches for a poem and then leave it undone. And it just collects dust in this drawer of mine.
    How have you been?

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  15. I couldn’t describe the taste of it… A strange mix of sweet and savory, but I just couldn’t forget and get over the smell.

    Let’s waltz together then 🙂 You know, you could post some of your unfinished pieces, and invite people to participate and add a suite of their own? Just an idea….

    I’m doing good, keeping the ship afloat! How are you and the Duchess doing, dear Count? I bet you had your fair share of adventures during the past months? 🙂

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  16. THAT’S AN IDEA, I wonder whether people would want to though, but it sounds like a fun thing to do.
    It doesnt sound like it tastes that bad ! Well, I’ve adventured mostly alone for the last few months, the Duchess couldn’t come with me to Tibet because it was winter, and the Himalayas, and she refused to.
    I DID HAVE THE GREATEST ADVENTURE THOUGH, There was this fast flowing river a litle lower down, and I had to cross it on a single log of wood, clinging onto it and crawling, about 3 feet above the water with this spray in my face, for about 20 feet long, had the greatest adrenaline rush in a while!!!


  17. I tried singing along but couldn’t find the tune. It’s possible I might be tone deaf.
    The imagery is lyrically lovely.
    Despite it being cold this time of year, Tibet sounds like an exciting place to visit. The most exotic place my relatives live is Florida.
    As for the most unpleasant food I’ve eaten…I once attended a Passover and tried gefilte fish; cold, jellied fish. It was a no for me.

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  18. E !!!!!
    Thank you! Well, I I dunno, do you read what you read out loud in your head in a voice? I found I do.
    So the music things are for that voice in the head, it didn’t necessarily have to be a song. Unrelated, but do you think in voices or pictures or both or what?
    Tibet was beautiful!!! FIND YOURSELF DISTANT RELATIVES TO VISIT. The fish sounds absolutely disgusting


  19. Yes, it was a little too strange for me. It was my uncle – a Maltese man who had recently married my aunt and he made the stew. I had friends that I traveled through Spain with and they liked to have all types of fish, including a bouillabaisse where fish and shellfish are tossed into a broth with the heads on. And they ate fish that appeared on the plate with the head on, not filleted so you had to de-bone it yourself. We didn’t eat fish in our family, (except canned salmon during Lent), so this was a real awakening for me. It’s all in the presentation. 🙂 Glad to have you back and Happy Valentine’s Day to you too Count.

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  20. Count Gustaf! What a splendid piece that is. Loved your work. I wonder if you’re a musician of sorts…? Do you play an instrument? A violin, perhaps? Or a trombone, a piano, a triangle? Anything!?

    As for the food, I once ate live pickled Gnomes. They did not taste very good, unfortunately:(

    Keep writing!

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  21. I liked the instructions. The voice in my head was following all of them, so the first reading itself was brilliant! Looking forward to the next one 🙂

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  22. I usually don’t like reading poetry with rhymes (except for like fun suff like Dr. Seuss) because I find it really obnoxious and in your face. But the rhymes in this are so subtle and very like smooth you know? I really really enjoyed that! KEEP AT IT!!!!

    Ummm like coconut and cinnamon… I can literally eat the frogs and the snails and stuff but those are just gross.

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  23. HOW IS CINNAMON DISGUSTING It’s one of my favorite things ever. I LOVE DR. SEUSS. Hehehe, Many Fanks indeed!!!!!
    FROGS AND SNAILS ARENT SO BAD, I think coconut can be a yucky when in chocolate but otherwise its yum


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